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2012 Rowboat World Championships

September 6, 2012

The 2012 Rowboat World Championships at Gen Con 2012 crowned a new champion, as Nick Henning defeated Michael Gano 200/2 to -130/4. The final stretched 19 hands, but the match was never very close. Previously unranked Henning, from Washington DC, soared to #2 in the rankings. Michael Gano jumped into the rankings at #4. Top-ranked Brian Bauer finished in 3rd place and retained his #1 ranking.

The real drama of the tournament unfolded in the semifinals. In one semifinal, Nick Henning and Jordan Hank played the longest match in Rowboat tournament history. The game lasted 36 hands and over 3 hours. Jordan Hank used his Moon on the final hand, and called for a high tide. Henning was at 170/4, so the move was designed to capsize Henning. Nick Henning called for a 6 bid, made his bid, and topped Hank 230/4 to 100/3. 8th ranked Jordan Hank, at 17 years old, is now the youngest Rowboat player to ever crack the top 10. In the other semifinal, Michael Gano stunned top-ranked Brian Bauer 210/1 to 10/1.

Perhaps the biggest story of the tournament came in the 2nd Round. Colin Rafferty registered a perfect game, the first in Rowboat tournament history. Rafferty defeated Susan Huizinga 200 to 110/1 in 5 hands. For those unfamiliar with the definition of a perfect game, it means that Rafferty never got set, never took a bag, and won the game. Colin Rafferty’s run ended in the quarterfinals with a loss to Michael Gano. As a result, Rafferty moved up a spot from #8 to #7 in the rankings.

Congratulations to Nick Henning, 2012 Rowboat World Champion!

Michael Gano & Nick Henning with their winnings after the 2012 World Tournament

Our new World Champ, Nick Henning is REALLY excited about his Rowboat Cup!

Michael Gano holds his Rowboat Cup!

Brian Bauer, current Rowboat Rankings leader, still holds his second Rowboat cup with pride.


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