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Rowboat Tournament at Gen Con 2013

May 29, 2013

Rowboat Tournament @ Gen Con 2013

Rowboat Tournament @ Gen Con 2013
August 16 – 17th @ Hall E 

In addition to our tourney being held at Origins 2013, we’re also hosting our 3rd annual Rowboat Championship Tournament at Gen Con 2013.  To help raise the stakes, we’ll be giving away $500 in super awesome TrollAndToad.com online gift vouchers to our winners!  Like last year, our tournament is single elimination, 1v1 format, where games are to 200 points and play cannot exceed 2.5 hours per game.

A maximum of 32 players will be accepted to play in our Gen Con tourney so please reserve your free ticket as soon as possible! Only one entry is allowed per person.  We filled all 32 seats once again last year and have our antlers and hooves crossed in hopes of doing the same for 2013!

To reserve a free event ticket to participate,  you must first grab a badge to attend.  Once registered, simply click here  or simply search for our event codes listed below while logged in the Gen Con Event Database.  When your ticket is confirmed, shoot us a quick e-mail with your full name, cell number and mailing address so we can log you into our direct system as a registered participant and keep you up to date on things.

When sorting out your schedule for the Con, please keep in mind that all winners must be prepared to play as they progress through the tourney.  We genuinely  appreciate your dedication in helping us make our tourney another big success!

Entry Round: Friday, August 16th, 2013
RSVP by clicking the link below!
Open to event badge holders who register to play in our tournament
32 total players

  • 6PM Session: Gen Con Event Code CGM1347134 (16 Players)
  • 9PM Session: Gen Con Event Code CGM1347135 (16 Players)
Rounds 2 – 5: Saturday, August 17th, 2013
*Only open to winners of previous rounds*
  • Round 2 @ 12PM
  • Round 3 @ 3PM
  • Round 4 @ 6PM
  • Round 5 @ 9PM (Final Championship & Consolation Match)
Rowboat Tournament Prize Tiers are as follows:

Moosetache Games: Gen Con Events Updated 7.29.13.


  1. Brad Pontani says:


    Have been trying to find yall on the gencon site since before the wish lists were processed but have never been able to pull anything up for rowboat tournaments! Even put in your game ID now and still nothing comes up, not even as sold out! The company does not show up on the event search and rowboat does not show up on event search either. I would like to sign up again so must not be finding something! Thanks for any help you can give.


    1. cristina says:

      Hi Brad!

      Hope you’ve been doing really great. Glad you’re planning on joining us again. I heard from Brian as well so we’re really looking forward to seeing some returning competitors get in on the fun this year.

      The fine folks at Gen Con are already on it so hang tight. Our tourney events should be live again any day now. I had to make some modifications to the logistics originally included but no worries, we’ll be back up asap. I’ll shoot you an e-mail confirming when you can reserve your seat the second things are made public.

      Like last year, our first round will be held on Friday (8/16/13) so you’ll have the opportunity to choose from either the 6pm or 8pm session.

      Looking forward to the good times ahead!

    2. cristina says:

      Hi Brad,

      The tournament entry rounds are officially live! I just sent you an e-mail with the event codes so you should have everything you need to register :o)


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