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The Naming Ceremony at Gen Con 2013

June 12, 2013

The Naming Ceremony by Moosetache Games

Thursday August , 15 2013
Gen Con Hall E @ 9PM

We’re hosting this years Naming Ceremony at Gen Con 2013! Bring your action figures, your miniatures, your lucky dice, your invisible cloak, your favorite hat, or anything that deserves a name.

Not quite sure what to expect?
The Naming Ceremony is a hilarious good time, and all participants are invited to play an active role in the creation of every new name. Here’s how it works: When it’s time to name your item, you and other willing participants will call out suggestions until we have a good list of ideas. Then, everyone secretly votes on their favorites.The suggestion with the most votes wins, and your item then receives that name.

Come ready to play, or just stop by and watch the fun. If you have something special and it needs a name, then bring it. It will get an awesome name, and we promise you will have a good time naming it and everything else at The Naming Ceremony.

Check out a few of  2012’s top Naming Ceremony hits:

The Naming Ceremony - Pantyhose Punisher

The Naming Ceremony - Nackle Dackle

The Naming Ceremony - Smiles Davis

The Naming Ceremony - Bust Las Widow



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