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Rowboat Tournament @ Origins Game Fair 2013

June 10, 2013

Origins Game Fair 2013 - Moosetache Games Booth 510

Saturday, June 15, 2013
Origins Hall D

With Origins just a couple of months hours away we will continue to update this post with all things event related, including updates on our Rowboat Tournament @ Origins being held June 15th, 2013 where we will be giving away $250 in TrollandToad.com online gift vouchers! While we may not have fancy news feeds and breaking news alerts like the fine folks over at ESPN & CNN, we sure as heck plan on taking plenty of pictures and updating our Facebook throughout the event.

Origins Game Fair 2013 - Rowboat Tournament Bracket

Like last year, our tourney is single elimination, 1v1 format, where games are to 200 pts and play cannot exceed 2.5 hours per game. Please note, only one entry per person.  A maximum of 16 players will be accepted to play in the tournament so please reserve your ticket through Origins as soon as possible or swing by our booth while at the event!  We’ll be sure to welcome you with fresh baked high five’s!

As far as scheduling goes, if you are interested in joining in on the fun, please keep in mind that all winners must be prepared to play throughout Saturday as they progress through the tourney.

Tournament Schedule:

Round 1 @ 12PM
Round 2 @ 3PM (Only open to winners of prior round)
Round 3 @ 6 PM (Only open to winners of prior round)
Round 4 @ 9PM (Championship + Consolation Game)

Rowboat Tournament Prize Tiers are as follows:

Troll and Toad Online Gift Voucher (1st Place)

Troll and Toad Online Gift Voucher (2nd Place)

Troll and Toad Online Gift Voucher (3rd Place)


Moosetache Games: Origins Events Updated 6.11.13.


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