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The Rowboat Inaugural Championships Results

August 17, 2011


Here’s the inside scoop on our sold out 32 person Rowboat Tournament:

Brian Bauer won The Rowboat Inaugural Championships at Gen Con 2011!  Bauer dominated the 32 player field. He got through his first 4 matches without using a single specialty card. His Final match of the tournament against Todd Wiley was also the longest, spanning 20 hands.

In the final hand, Todd Wiley pulled out his Moon and called for a high tide. That move eventually sealed Wiley’s fate, as Bauer rode a 6 bid to victory. Still, Wiley proved to be Bauer’s toughest opponent. Bauer was forced to use his Rowboat and his Lighthouse, and after 3 lead changes, Brian prevailed 200/2 to 70/2.

Rowboat Rankings:

  1.  Brian Bauer
  2. Todd Wiley
  3. Alex Cinzori
  4. Brad Pontani
  5. Carrie VandenBroek
  6. Colin Rafferty
  7. Patricia Gregory
  8. Rebecca Chockley
  9. Michael Remenak
  10. Vince Tundo

Special thanks to our partner, Troll and Toad, for sponsoring $500 worth in prizing for our tournament winners!   Everyone that participated, along with those behind Moosetache Games, all walked away with a memory that will never be forgotten. We look forward to seeing everyone at Gen Con 2012!



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