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WABI-5 TV “SnowCon Brings the Games”

January 18, 2010

by WABI-TV5 News Desk

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It was the SnowCon this weekend, and though that might sound like something that would happen outside, SnoCon is actually an inside gaming event.

“We’re in the midst of SnowCon 2010. This is the second annual SnowCon gaming convention held annually at the Black Bear Inn. We are having an unprecedented amount of gamers coming in we have seasoned gamers and new gamers of all ages trying out all kinds of games,” Said Moosetache Games creative director , John Montague.

“We got all sorts of different events happening. Games scheduled all day long. We have a special film screening at eight clock and everything continues on till midnight and then starts right back up tomorrow morning. The kind of gaming you find here is social gaming. It’s not electronic; there’s video games, there’s no glowing screens, you have live people around a table face-to-face having fun, interacting with each other. This winter you’ve all got your flu shot, now it’s time to get your fun shots. We have a great new game that’s having it’s debut here.”

“We’re here to promote our game, which is called Rowboat. It’s a bidding game, it’s a strategy game, it’s kind of like spades on steroids. It’s really geared the traditional card player and people who really like strategy.”

“It’s going to be fun just to go up to events like this and play games with people and show people how to play really we just want to be around people who like to play games and let them know about our game.”

“Social gaming is really important now because we divide ourselves so much with technology; we’re always on the cellphone, always on the computer,” Said Monique Bouchard at Saturday’s events.
“It’s hard to make time to be in touch with other people. So gaming allows this nice structure where you’re playing a game, and that’s your focus, but as a side effect you’re also catching up with people, you’re interacting. And, really, most of all you’re laughing, you’re being creative, and you’re having a good time.”

“Knowing there are several hundred of us that are living just locally around here and mostly and just dying to play these games definitely is just uplifting,” Said comedian Sax Carr.

“We encourage people to come by check it out sit down enjoy yourself turn off your cell phone just hang out with people and laugh and have a good time….


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